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Dr. Peter Hanson and Natalie Hanson Are Stitching The Community Together During This Pandemic.

Calling all beez! Dr. Hanson, a physician at Chippewa Valley Vein Center and Medical X-Ray Consultants and his wife are making a difference. Natalie Hanson put a call to action on the Masks Beez Facebook page asking for help. Due to the recent events, Dr. Hanson has been focusing his efforts on providing for the more urgent healthcare needs of the community. Natalie told us, "My husband was leaving for work, he is a physician at Sacred Heart Hospital, and I asked him, what can I do for you today?” she said. “I thought he might like a nice dinner when he came home, and he looked in my eyes and said find a way to start making masks." With the extra time on our hands, we have moms, kids, elders and people who are joining up to do this to make a huge impact.

As Natalie is coordinating with the Masks Beez, Dr. Hanson is coordinating locally and nationally on finding a quick solution to address the surgical mask shortage. Dr. Gretel Ryan and Dr. Alicia Arnold, from Medical X- Ray Consultants have been asked to consult with Dr. Hanson as medical advisors regarding issues of product safety and sterile environment considerations.

"My sincerest wish would be that none of these masks have to be used in healthcare settings by our front-line doctors, nurses, healthcare providers,” Hanson added. “They deserve FDA approved top quality protection.” But as the supply dwindles, the Mask Beez are prepared. They have a pattern the hospitals are asking everyone to use to make an all cloth masks. They have posted a tutorial video to help sewers and they ask everyone to just use leftover materials you already have at home.

The Chippewa Valley Vein Center has been serving the Eau Claire region since 2009. At the Chippewa Valley Vein Center, we provide comprehensive care in treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. Our minimally invasive therapies allow safe and effective treatment of vein varicosities, all without the need for painful surgery! Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, our Interventional Radiologists perform minimally invasive procedures to treat a variety of medical conditions.

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