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Dr. Peter Hanson Named President of the Wisconsin Radiological Society

Our own Dr. Peter Hanson, a Fellow of the American College of Radiology, is the 2019/2020 President of the Wisconsin Radiological Society Board of Directors.

According to WRS, its mission is to work on “advancing the science of radiology, improving radiologic service to patients and the medical community, and studying the economics of radiology; the encouragement of improved and continuing education for radiologists; and the establishment and maintenance of high medical and ethical standards in the practice of radiology.”

WRS also advocates for the following in Wisconsin and the nation, according to

Working with Medicare and private insurance groups to insure appropriate utilization and reimbursement of imaging services

Working with State Legislators to ensure a stable liability climate in Wisconsin

Bringing together and enhancing dialogue between Wisconsin radiologists

Monitoring State Legislative initiatives to protect imaging services for patients and physicians

Participating in ACR committees and initiatives at the national level

Convening a state-wide meeting of Wisconsin Radiologists in April with presentations on legislative issues, medical education and practice management

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